PWSA may reimburse up to 100 percent of the costs of a private lead service line replacement

As part of Community Lead Response, PWSA will assist customers with the cost of private lead service line replacement if customers choose to proactively hire a plumber and complete the work. In partnership with Dollar Energy Fund, PWSA will verify your income and determine the level of reimbursement you qualify for. This program is available to anyone who has replaced their private lead service line since January 2019.

Reimbursement Levels

Process for private lead service line reimbursement:

  1. Contact Dollar Energy Fund at 866-762-2348 – Dollar Energy Fund will confirm your income to determine your reimbursement amount. If you do not wish to complete an income verification or know you will not qualify for reimbursement, you can still receive a $1,000 stipend.
  2. Hire a plumber – you can choose from PWSA’s list of approved plumbers, who have agreed to PWSA’s program guidelines, making the process easier for you.
  3. Complete and submit estimate – meet with your plumber so the plumber can complete an estimate form to submit to our PWSA Lead Help staff. PWSA will review the estimate and approve the eligible costs.
  4. Replace the lead service line – your plumber will complete the work and the  PWSA Lead Help staff will provide you with flushing instructions, a pitcher filter, and a test kit for your water after construction.
  5. Complete and submit invoice – your plumber will submit the final invoice to PWSA. If the cost matches with the estimate, PWSA will send a co-written check to you and your plumber for the reimbursement amount.

Who owns your water service line?

This program will reimburse eligible costs for private service line replacement.

As shown in the diagram, in a typical situation, the section of your water line that runs between the water main and the curb box is owned and maintained by the PWSA. The section between the curb box and the water meter belongs to you. In some instances, this example diagram may not be indicative of ownership. The PWSA will confirm your ownership responsibilities. 

Our Reimbursement Program will reimburse the costs of a privately-owned lead service line replacement. If your private plumber discovers a publicly-owned lead service line attached to the private line, they will coordinate with us to replace the public line at the same time.

After you hire a private plumber and confirm the material of your private service line, we will review the estimate and confirm the reimbursement amount. Once the work is complete, you will be issued a check, made out to you and your private plumber, for the reimbursement amount. If there are any remaining costs, you will be responsible to pay them.

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